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The average area code in America has up to 700,000 active numbers. There are 208 Area Codes in the US, 17 in Florida alone. US Direct Connect owns all currently available 500-DOWN numbers. For just $399 Direct Connect offers you exclusive rights to your entire area code for as long as you continue to subscribe. 300 free minutes monthly are included in your subscription. An upgrade that allows unlimited minute plans are available for an additional $100 per year.

Let's use Miami Florida for example. Subscribe to 500-DOWN and every call within the 305 or 786 area code made to 500-DOWN will automatically transfer to your location. Toll free, the caller doesn't even have to dial the area code, no equipment to buy, does not impact your current advertising or telephone operations. You may send to your switchboard, used department, off site buy here pay here or specific sales person trained to convert $500 buyers to additional products.

"Every call you got yesterday you will still get tomorrow...just more of them."

Of course they can't call the number if they don't know you have the number so you will have to promote the 500-DOWN campaign in print, broadcast and on social media but we can help and here is an added bonus. You receive a list of callers to the number. Follow up. See if your advertising is really working. Close 1 sale and you have made your money back for an entire year!

As always there is a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee is you are not satisfied.

If you don't own 500-DOWN in your area code someone else will.

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