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Have an issue. Want to raise awareness and grow your organization? You need Amplifi!

Let's say you have an issue like a Supreme Court Nomination and you want your organization to be active. Your subscription to Amplifi allows you to have one special number, any one you chose, or join others in a number reserved for the issue such as 872-CONFIRM (872-266-3476). When someone calls the designated number from Florida, for example, they will automatically be transferred to their Senators office.

Your members don't have to find out who their Senator is or find the number we do that for you. The US Senate office says:

" Most Senators will acknowledge calls received for outside of their districts but will respond only to calls and inquiries from constituents from the state they represent".

You can reach your members or we will do it for you. We can send a message or text to your membership with your call to action message for just pennies per text.

If you are a radio host, Start A Movement! One subscriber directed callers to the office of California Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Boy did she get an earful.

Don't like a news network. Subscribe to Amplifi and send your members to the networks news director.

Another special feature. You can receive a list of callers for follow up. Grow your membership or contribute to your cause.

As always you have a money back no questions asked guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Subscribe today.

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