Direct Connect
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Call To Action makes things happen. Your

members call your Action number and are

connected directly to your destination.

Media, Politician, tell them what you think.

$500 Down Connect

Own your entire area code! Designed for auto

industry needs, 500 DOWN for auto dealers.

Advertise the number 500-DOWN (500-3696).

All calls from your area code ring in your office.

Customer Direct Connect For Business.

Increase business calls up to 36% with Customer

Direct Connect. Customers routed directly to

your closest location. Designed for companies

with 2 to 200 locations. See us on Amazon.

Republican Direct Connect Membership

Use Direct Connect to gain members.

They can’t call you if they can’t find you.

Members can call one number from any-

where and connect to the nearest club.

Custom Direct Connect

Advertise a number that describes what

you sell like 833-FLA-Home. A customer

calling from Omaha is answered in Omaha,

Miami in Miami. We’ve Got Your Number.

Membership Recruitment In A Box

An affordable ($399) program designed to help organizations grow their membership starting with 1,000 free calls routed directly to answering machines inviting potential new members to an event or take advantage of a special offer.

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