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Silent notice allows you to send thousands of text or voice messages without the annoying robo call interruption. 80% of text and voice messages go directly to your receivers voice mail or message center. They get the message without the interruption. Notify members, invite new members, let customers know about a sale or event. Reach out to new people for pennies a call.


Call Florida

Made for lobbyists and active organizations who want to mobilize the rank and file to make a difference.

Orig.: $299.00
Sale: $99.00

Buy Membership In A Box

Subscribe today. We will help you begin your new member campaign here. Step1: Select a list of potential new members. Step2: Decide on a event or special offer to present to new members. Step3: We will send 1,000 invitations Step4: Sign up new members. You may initiate as many campaigns as you like. Monthly campaigns will provide a steady stream of new members, grow your organization, or start new local clubs.


Buy Call To Action

Have an issue? Want to raise awareness and grow your organization? You need Call to Action-Amplifi! Let's say you have an issue and you want your organization to be active. Your subscription provides one special number When someone calls the designated number they are automatically transferred to your desired location. Your members don't have to find out who their Senator is or find the number we do that for you. If you are a radio host, Start A Movement! Another special feature. You can receive a list of callers for follow up. Grow your membership or contribute to your cause.


Hispanic Voter Outreach


17% Of all voters are Hispanic and make up the fastest growing voter segment in the U.S. 833-VOTAR20 Provides lists of Hispanic voters and the means to have voter outreach to this very important voter group. Identify potential supportere, invite them to events, keep in touch with information about events and issues. When a voter calls 833-VOTAR20 they will be immediately transferred to their nearest REC or Hispanic Republican contact by area code.



MLSAdvance provides up to 72 hours advance notice of new property listings

Orig.: $199.00
Sale: $99.00

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