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Sample Messages
Some of the ways Silent Message can help your campaign



Good News. Today Dilbert Jones, our popular and respected Commissioner, became a candidate for reelection. He’s doing a great job. Want to help? 1. Go to VoteDilbert.com 2. Vote Dilbert Jones August 18th. Thank you.


The Supervisor of elections records show that you are a Supervoter. One who takes voting seriously. We are the My County committee and we would like to invite you to get involved. Join us at the City Elks, Wednesday August 15th, for a little get together. It’s your chance to get involved and make a difference! See you there.


The Jim Jones campaign will be holding a town hall meeting on Wednesday March 3rd at the Bethel Creek House on north beach. You are invited to attend. We want to hear from you. Make a difference.

Fund Raisers

The Dilbert Jones for Sheriff host committee would like to invite you to join us at Quail Island Club where we will host a terrific event for our next sheriff. RSVP 772-555-5555. See you there.

Absentee Voters

Dilbert is your Conservative Republican for Congress. Supervisor of elections records tell us that you are eligible to vote by mail. If you plan to leave Indian Island and will not return before the August 18 primary, please remember to return your ballot. Every Vote Will Count! Thank you, Dilbert for Congress

Motivate Early Voters

Early voting has begun. The supervisor of elections records show that you are a frequent voter using the early voting method. Early returns indicate that liberal Democrats are voting heavily, believe me EVERY vote will count. Please, Please, take the time to vote. Sincerely, your incumbent Conservative County Commissioner Dilbert Jones.

Special Voters

Our Vote Counts. No Party Affiliation voters often have little to vote for in a primary election. That isn’t true this year. NPA’s like us can vote for school board members and this year your vote for education will likely make the difference. Even if you don’t usually vote in the primary please do so today. For the Kids! Dilbert for School Board.

Hispanic Voters

Special message sent to Hispanic voters in Spanish


Common Core is dead thanks to the work of people like Dilbert Jones but there is still much to be done. New Superintendent, budget woes, but we must not forget it is about Kids and providing a real education. Help me keep our priorities straight. Want to know more? Visit Dilbert Jones.com or Dilbert Jones on Facebook.

Push Surveys

Did you know that Jim Jones voted to support left handed cavemen? Is that ok with you? Want to see proof? Go to No left handed cavemen.com. Tell us what you think. We must stop left handed cavemen now.



Sample: All-inclusive campaign 1,000 messages 1 month

Step 1: Establish Temporary Website


Cost $29.95 month

Step 2: Identify List

Use our list $20 per 1,000 or supply phone list of your own

Cost $20

Step 3: Text Copy

Craft message (156 characters additional characters available at additional cost)

Cost $0

Step 4: Send to List

Get Action-Send to List

Cost $70

Total Cost for 1,000 Contacts: $119.95


Additional messages at $70 per 1,000.

1,000 = $119.95

5,000= $399.95

10,000= $749.95

50,000= $3,500.00



Contributors 1,000= $119.95

All Voters 32,457= $2,219.95

Absentee Voters 4559= $369.08

Early Voters 2743= $311.05

Club members 163= $31.41

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